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The Most Effective Small Business SEO Strategies

An essential component of marketing a small business is visibility in the search engine results. That’s where search engine optimization comes in handy. Competing with other giants in the niche might be tough, but there are effective small business SEO strategies that can boost your visibility accordingly.

Small Business Tricks With A SEO Company

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1.    Optimizing The Information On The Business Website

As a small business owner, the website is the most valuable and significant asset for your business. Therefore, you need to ensure that it’s optimized accordingly. Some of the things you can do to achieve this include the following:

•    Choose a domain name that reflects the type of business as well as its location. That way, all the customers can know the kind of service you offer as well as your location right from the URL.

•    On every page of the site, you should add keywords that identify your business, the location and also the services offered.

•    Leave the contact information such as business name, telephone number and also address on every page of the website rather than the homepage and the contact page only.

•    Besides the services you offer, you should associate your business with the location by creating content about the local area. For instance, you can mention the parks, nearby schools or other amenities that will improve your visibility on the search engines.

2.    Updated Listings On Local Websites

Another effective small business SEO strategy is to guarantee the availability of consistent listing information of your company on various third party sources on the internet. Note that, top search engines such as Google will scan these third party sources to initiate a stronger visibility for the local businesses.

Therefore, if your company isn’t listed or the information is inaccurate or incomplete, you can impact your search results negatively. Here is what you need to do to achieve success using this strategy.

•    Look through local listing sources such as Facebook, Yelp and many more to make sure that your business is listed. Also, you should claim the listing for your company from these sources and all the information should be consistent across every site and also accurate. Next, you should make any changes if necessary or delete any duplicate pages.

•    Add videos, photos or the site’s URL to these listings to make sure they are informative to potential customers.

•    Check the categories where your business is listed and make sure they are correct to ensure proper optimization. Don’t forget to check relevant keywords to make sure everything is correct. Don’t overdo the keywords since some search engines might notice overstuffing and your rankings will suffer.

•    Note that, if you have multiple locations for your business, you should create separate listings for each location. That way, you can boost the visibility of the brand and all the stores accordingly.

3.    Media Coverage

If your business is covered in the news by a credible media source, you can gain higher rankings in the search engine results. Therefore, you can develop stable relationships with bloggers or other local media sources. Encourage them to use your services and products and expose them to the public.

If you’re sponsoring a local event, you should mention it to a local reporter. Eventually, your business will be mentioned a few times on TV, news articles and also blogging websites thus creating momentum for your company online.

The Bottom Line:

Most small business owners are overwhelmed with search engine optimization because of the thought of competing with other giants in the industry. Well, thanks to local SEO efforts, your business can get the first page search engine rankings without any mention of the industry giants.

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